Just walk on by……..why? 

So it’s the weekend and my family and I have decided it would be nice to visit a a quant little village near us and visit the fete and give our support. The sun is shining, everyone is happy. 

We set off on our journey and arrive in no time. In fact we arrived a little early. So whilst waiting for the rest of the family to turn up we decided to have a little play on the outside gym equipment (that is a sight on its own as I’m not usually known for my gym enthusiasm) and much to the amusement of my daughter who took great pleasure on highlighting my lack of fitness. 

In our little bubble suddenly an almighty scream, and someone laying on the floor. No it wasn’t me, no! nor my daughter, in fact the blood curdling scream in question had come from a lady who had come to the fete with her husband and as he was pushing the wheelchair down the hill she had slipped out and onto her knees on the grass. 

Now you may think, this would be just a mechanical fall and a simple pick up off the floor and in their merry way. Unfortunately not. Somehow she had managed to do some serious damage. 

A quick assessment and it became apparent without any equipment we would need help. A quick call to my friends in green 999 a short call and the help was on its way (Eventually). Now having worked in the emergency services for years I am used to waiting on scene waiting for back up for extended periods of time because the service is lacking in funding. The difficulty today was I had no ambulance, meaning I had no pain relief, meaning my poor patient was in agony for sometime. 

Luckily they did have their own. Which she was able to self administer. As we sat there (luckily it was sunny and I did manage to top up my tan). I was able to look around and notice a few things. 

The most apparent was the lack of help!! Yep that’s right most people would do the side ways rubberneck, whisper to the person next to them then wander on by. Some stopped to try and take pictures (swiftly moved on). Which got me wondering, why is First Aid not a national requirement? 

Why dont we teach it in schools like they do in some European countries? Lucky for the lady In question we were there at the right time as she literally fell at my feet. Someone there to help. We all need to know the basics. Without equipment, drugs and and an ambulance there is not much most of us can do. Comfort, talk, continuously assess and give support. By having the knowledge on how to do this and recognise injuries in itself gives confidence on how to help someone when it’s needed. 

Here is a video from the BBC that I found. It really does show if everyone has the knowledge then if the worst happens to you then you can have the best chance of survival. 

WARNING…this video may cause upset as it is very emotional.


Then you don’t need to walk on by. YOU can then make a difference. Help someone. 

Stay safe people…………..


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